We’re Not Sure What To Think Of Julianne Hough’s Undereye-Bag Trick

PAGE FROM: refinery29.com

Undereye bags, those not-so-cute accessories you never asked for, are notoriously difficult to deal with. We all have our tricks — creams, color correctors, ritual sacrifice — and in an exclusive interview withByrdie, Julianne Hough shared her own. You ready for it?

To keep herself looking “refreshed” on television, Hough uses La MerThe Lip Balm under her eyes.
“I feel like if it’s good enough for my lips, then it’s good for my eyes, too,” she said. The moisturizing balm is $60, which is pretty damn steep compared to Chapstick, but much more justifiable if you factor in the eye benefits.

Look, we’d be lying if we said we hadn’t used some of the products in our bathrooms and makeup bags in some novel ways, too. But before you start multitasking, it’s a good idea to ask your dermatologist before you put any product that’s not intended for the eye area near it.

In the meantime, check out our roundup of the best undereye creams for a more surefire fix

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